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Knowledge — Changing Channels by Christopher Schreck

Yesterday Christopher Schreck released a very nice article on Paperweight named Changing Channels. This text is an interesting insight view on the current practices of distributing artists publications including four interviews with Shelter Press, Gottlund Verlag, Editions FP & CF, Hassla Books, and Pau Wau Publications

Risography — We make it

Last friday Gloria Glitzer and opened we make it a space for contemporary Risography and beyond in Berlin…

List of the Commons

The Seoul based mediabus opens the List of the Commons a huge collection of various types of books, hand-outs and fanzines created by mediabus while they have been active so far…

Stencil Printing Association of Risography & Exchange

SPARE (Stencil Printing Association of Risography & Exchange) is a modest short-term artist residency program and resource center for Risograph printing, small-scale publishing located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago…

Ressource — 1st Paperweight Conversation

A week ago Paperweight’s first event – a conversation on independent publishing as an artistic practice – took place at MoMa Library in New York. With this event Paperweight launched it’s website which will become an excellent ressource for people interested in independent publishing.

Ressource — Risograph Printer Atlas

You are working on a publication or you are going to and you are in a need for a good risograph printer in your area? So this map will help you…


Paperweight is a primarily online-based organization dedicated to furthering a dialogue on independent publishing.

“The independent publishing community requires a space that can facilitate a cultural dialogue, both in historical and contemporary contexts, as well as provide resources that others have found helpful in their own production. Paperweight aims to harbor these dialogues while offering an alternative method for the dissemination of information surrounding independent publishing culture. In addition to its space online, Paperweight periodically publishes an expanded physical article from the website and organizes public discussions.”

Jacqueline De Jong’s “The Situationist Times”

On May 9th, 2012 The Situationist Times, published by Jacqueline De Jong, celebrate the 50th anniversary of it’s first issue. A total of six issues were published: Issue 1 in May of 1962, and the final issue in December of 1967. A seventh issue was compiled but not published.

To celebrate this anniversary Boo-Hooray invites you to an exhibition of original art, publications, photography, ephemera and manuscripts related to Jacqueline De Jong’s vanguard publication. The exhibition Jacqueline De Jong’s Situationist Times, 1962–1967 opens on May 9th at Boo-Hoory’s Space in New York…

Ressource — Artist Book Database

The Artist Book Database is an online database with a huge collection of artist books, zines, catalogues and independent publications made by artists from all over the world…

Interview — Regine Ehleiter ‘Thanks For Sharing’

‘Thanks For Sharing’ Exhibition View

‘Thanks For Sharing’ — Exhibition View

“What is an art zine? How does it differ from an editorial art magazine or a blog? And why do more and more artists internationally seem to be interested in this particular publishing format?”

In 2010 Regine Ehleiter curated the wonderfull ‘Thanks For Sharing’ (TFS) exhibtion and symposium at the D21 Kunstraum. Therefore she invited zinsters, artists, collectors, distributors and curators to submit their publications and to discuss the “rising interest in zines, their popularity among contemporary artists, the revival of DIY-culture with its appealingly easy implementation of ideas and potential for stylistic experimentation”. More than 300 zines from all over the world were shown in a specially designed exhibition architecture, developed by students of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Class for System Design).
In January 2011 the catalogue published in occasion of the exhibition was launched at the mzin store in Leipzig and i thought it’s high time to interview Regine Ehleiter…