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Knowledge — Changing Channels by Christopher Schreck

Yesterday Christopher Schreck released a very nice article on Paperweight named Changing Channels. This text is an interesting insight view on the current practices of distributing artists publications including four interviews with Shelter Press, Gottlund Verlag, Editions FP & CF, Hassla Books, and Pau Wau Publications

David Horvitz Interview by Regine Ehleiter

One week before the opening of his solo exhibition ‘At Night They Leave Their Century I met David Horvitz at Chert in Berlin. Over cup of green tea and some schnapps we discussed his plans to install an underground gallery inside Chert, best ways to synchronize slide projectors and food markets in Riga, where we had first met at an opening some months ago. For this interview on we talked about his latest publication, ‘Watercolors’, which will be presented together with Natalie Häusler at Motto on Saturday, January 12th, 2013, as well as three other recent publishing projects…

Interview — Silvia Bianchi & Ricardo Juárez

In the night of April 27th 2011 the “Libros Mutantes” invades Madrid (Spain). La Noche de los Libros Mutantes was an event dedicateted to exhibit selected artzine from all over the world in several exhibitions spread in the whole city. Silvia Bianchi and Ricardo Juárez the actors behind New-Papers and Barriobajero, organized this event and i asked them to answer a few questions…

Interview — Regine Ehleiter ‘Thanks For Sharing’

‘Thanks For Sharing’ Exhibition View

‘Thanks For Sharing’ — Exhibition View

“What is an art zine? How does it differ from an editorial art magazine or a blog? And why do more and more artists internationally seem to be interested in this particular publishing format?”

In 2010 Regine Ehleiter curated the wonderfull ‘Thanks For Sharing’ (TFS) exhibtion and symposium at the D21 Kunstraum. Therefore she invited zinsters, artists, collectors, distributors and curators to submit their publications and to discuss the “rising interest in zines, their popularity among contemporary artists, the revival of DIY-culture with its appealingly easy implementation of ideas and potential for stylistic experimentation”. More than 300 zines from all over the world were shown in a specially designed exhibition architecture, developed by students of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Class for System Design).
In January 2011 the catalogue published in occasion of the exhibition was launched at the mzin store in Leipzig and i thought it’s high time to interview Regine Ehleiter…