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Month Oktober 2010

Event — Print & Demand #2

Print & Demand #2 is the second in an ongo­ing series of con­ver­sa­tions. This time with James Gog­gin, Jimin­ie Ha, Rob Giampi­etro and Caleb Wal­dorf while The NY Art Book Fair

Event —  Sideshow The YH485 Press Bookmobile

YH485 Press will cre­ate a Book­mobile with­in a VW Camper Van to be used as a place for research, talks and tutori­als. Tour­ing to Not­ting­ham Con­tem­por­ary, New Art Exchange, The Castle, One Thoresby Street, Teth­er, TAO, + oth­er ven­ues dur­ing Sideshow.

Event — Sideshow Artists Book Fair

The Sideshow* Artists Book Fair is an after­noon of mul­tiples, zines and bespoke artists’ pub­lic­a­tions for sale in the Sideshow Alley Café. This inde­pend­ent fair will stock afford­able, hand­made artists’ books, com­ics and zines along­side cata­logues, rare volumes and lim­ited edi­tions…

Event — Codex

Codex — Two ways of look­ing at con­tem­por­ary forms of pub­lish­ing in art and design, by Hyper­texte and Manystuff.

Impressions — Piccadilly Self Publishing Fair

Caitlin Howard pos­ted some pic­tures and a com­plete par­ti­cipants-list of the Pic­ca­dilly Self Pub­lish­ing Fair on the Pic­ca­dilly Pro­ject blog. It looks like a great event with won­der­full zines by the par­ti­cipants and the Salford Zine Lib­rary.

Event — From Art zines to Lifestyle Magazines

»Von der Künst­lerzeits­chrift bis zum Life­style-Magazin« (From Art zines to Life­style Magazines) is an exhib­i­tion of the »Archiv künst­lerische Büch­er« (Archive for artist books) in Munich.

There you’ll find over 165 issues of 50 zines from 2000 to 2010, for example by
032c · Himaa · after­art news · ander­grad jam · ART galer­ija nova · Box­horn · Char­ley · CUT — Leute machen Kleider · Der Kun­stab­wart · Die Luit­pold-Blät­ter · Dummy · Dyn­asty · Elk · Eso­pus · EXIT · Extra Mar­ket · Fab­rikzei­tung · foto.zine · Free world · GAGAR­IN · galer­ije nova news­pa­pers · Gaud­iblatt · Graph­ic · Hier & Jet­zt · Igitte · Kun­st­büro reill­plast · LTTR · McLoop Magazine · Nav­ig­at­or, ein feld­flug magazin · Pavil­lon 21 Mini Opera Space · Per­man­ent Food · Petunia · pointd­ironie · RAW Magazine · so viele · SPECT­OR cut+paste · spy · Süd­deutsche Zei­tung Magazin · super paper · Tem­por­ary Ser­vices · ter­rain vague · The Arturi · The Club Voice · Traffic News to go · Turbo Magazine · un sedices­imo · Vice · vie · View­ers Digest · zing­magazine and many more.

Archiv künst­lerische Büch­er
Türken­strasse 60
80799 Munich, Ger­many

Octo­ber 23th and Octo­ber 30th, 2010
11 am to 5 pm

Event — Small Publishers Fair

From Novem­ber 12th to 13th the inter­na­tion­al Small Pub­lish­ers Fair organ­ised by the RGAP (Research Group for Artists Pub­lic­a­tions) cel­eb­rat­ing books by con­tem­por­ary artists, poets, writers, com­posers, book design­ers, and their pub­lish­ers; togeth­er with a pro­gramme of read­ings and talks. With more than 50 pub­lish­ers tak­ing part there will be thou­sands of books and oth­er edi­tions to browse and buy…

Event — The Holster & Bryan Graf at EFA

On Octo­ber 16th at the EFA Pro­ject Space, The Hol­ster will be print­ing, bind­ing, trim­ming and dis­trib­ut­ing a book of recent images col­lec­ted and made by Bry­an Graf

Event — 5th Magazine Library

The 5th Magazine Lib­rary exhib­i­tion has been exten­ded to the end of Octo­ber due to the incred­ible amount of feed­back and interest garnered dur­ing the show.

Store — GmbH Shop

On Octo­ber 9th 2010 GmbH Shop a store for inde­pend­ent zines opened in Glas­gow…