April 2011
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Day 2011/04/06

Exhibition — PogoBooks & naivsuper at Neonchocolate

You’re invited to join the open­ing of the group­show by Pogo­Books and naivsu­per on April 9th, 2011 at Neon­chocol­ate in Ber­lin…

Exhibition — 1st international Bienne City Fanzine Weeks

You’re invited to join the 1st inter­na­tion­al Bienne City Fan­zine Weeks open­ing tomor­row April 7th in Bienne…

Launch — 80×81 Volume 11

The elev­enth and last volume of the 80×81 Col­lec­tion will be presen­ted by the edit­ors Georg Diez and Chris­toph­er Roth on April 7th, 2011 at Do You Read Me?! in Ber­lin…