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Month Mai 2011

Open Call — I’ve Zine the Darkness

Artzines​.de invites you to par­ti­cip­ate in the exhib­i­tion I’ve Zine the Dark­ness at dieschön­estadt gal­lery in Halle. Send us your artzines until May 30th, 2011

Event — Benefit Party at Bodega

Bodega is hav­ing a bene­fit party tonight and you are cor­di­ally invited to join in. So if you’re in Phil­adelphia you should stop by…

Exhibition — Christian Boltanski at Florence Loewy

You’re invited to the exhib­i­tion Lives (Books) by Chris­ti­an Boltanski at Lib­rair­ie Florence Loewy in Par­is…

Exhibition — APE @ Librairie St. Hubert

Art Paper Edi­tions (APE) invites you to their exhib­i­tion at the Lib­rair­ie St. Hubert in Brus­sels…

There you’ll find books by APE, Riso­graph prints by Lara Dhondt, c‑prints by Stefan Vanthuyne and Juren Maelfeyt.

Lib­rair­ie Saint-Hubert
2 Galer­ie du Roi
1000 Brus­sels

May 6th to 18th 2011