August 2011
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Day 2011/08/03


Pub­lic Col­lect­ors and Half Let­ter Press invites you to the present­a­tion of UNDER­GROUND MUSICZINES from the late 1980s to early 1990s. From August 6th to 7th 2011 you were able to read around 200 zines from this peri­od, while listen­ing to over 200 cas­settes of the music they fea­ture and to pick up the book­led that was made to accom­pany the present­a­tion…

Store — Piñata & Hassla in Los Angeles

Piñata and Hassla present an exhib­i­tion space through August and Septem­ber that will open on August 6th 2011

Event — Room Rumors

SSZ SUED invites you to the fin­is­sage of Room Rumors tomor­row August 4th 2011 with a lec­ture by Vin­cent Grun­wald (AKV) about selfpub­lished zines and books…

Impressions — Studio cookbook lXunch

Ken (Hato Press) uploaded a few imres­sions of the Stu­dio cook­book lXunch i like to share with you and i like to recom­ment to you that you really have a closer look at his beau­ti­ful pub­lic­a­tion…

Launch — Paul Lee’s »Stills« at Karma

Karma invites you to the book launch of Paul Lee’s “Stills” tomor­row August 4th at their store in New York…