Februar 2012
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Day 2012/02/14

Open Call — People of Print

Foun­ded in 2008 People of Print was ori­gin­ally cre­ated as a lib­rary of print­makers and design­ers with a sole pur­pose to inspire. Now they call for your print related work…

Workshop — Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material

Radio Cor­por­a­tion of Amer­ica. Sir W. Mitchell Thompson. 1926. Pho­to­ra­dio­gram, 4 x 5 14″ (10.213.3 cm). The New York Times Col­lec­tion

Mis­cel­laneous Uncata­logued Mater­i­al is a series of pub­lic pro­grams organ­ized as part of the Museum of Mod­ern Art’s Print Stu­dio, which explores the evol­u­tion of print-based art­work in recent dec­ades, from the reviv­al of tra­di­tion­al tech­niques to the employ­ment of new digit­al tech­no­lo­gies. Mis­cel­laneous Uncata­logued Mater­i­al takes place on Feb­ru­ary 15th, 27th and March 15th 2012

Open Call — Libros Mutantes 2012

The Lib­ros Mutantes call for your par­ti­cip­a­tion in their Self-Pub­lish­ing Book Fair  tak­ing place from April 16th to 22nd 2012 in Mad­rid, Spain…