Juli 2012
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Day 2012/07/09

Exhibition — Reading Ed Ruscha

Last fri­day, July 7th 2012, the exhib­i­tion Read­ing Ed Ruscha at Kun­sthaus Bre­genz was opened. Until Octo­ber 14th 2012 you have the pos­sib­il­ity to vis­it the exhib­i­tion in Bre­genz (Aus­tria)…

Exhibition — Real Truth A World’s Fair

On July 28th 2012 the exhib­i­tion Real Truth A World’s Fair, a pro­ject by Suz­anne Tre­ister, opens at Ravens Row in Lon­don…

Exhibition — HELP/LESS

From July 14th to Septem­ber 29th 2012 Prin­ted Mat­ter is host­ing an ambi­tious instore exhib­i­tion entitled HELP/LESS, organ­ized by artist Chris Habib. The store-wide show includes over 180 books that explore the fluid­ity of author­ship in artists‹ books and mul­tiples. You are invited for the open­ing on Sat­urday, July 14th 2012