Exhibition & Launch — Alikeness/​Firework Studies

Ed. Var­ie and Hassla Books invites you to the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion “Alike­ness” and the book launch “Fire­work Stud­ies”, both by Pierre le Hors, on Thursday Janu­ary 20th, 2011.

Alike­ness is about the impulse to halt time and to pre­serve, to give per­man­ence to some­thing before it slips away. The group of pho­to­graphs shown stop motion in order to more closely observe a phe­nomen­on. Like­wise, a wax effigy is presen­ted as a record of the artist’s body, with funer­eal implic­a­tions — a like­ness of youth as death mask (is the fig­ure dead or asleep?). Alike­ness is the instant at which a rep­res­ent­a­tion (of life, of move­ment), charged with poten­tial but frozen in time, slips uncom­fort­ably into memento mori.”
 — Hassla Books
“fire­work stud­ies is a book com­pil­ing pho­to­graphs of fire­works in the night sky. by con­strain­ing nearly all ton­al val­ues to stark blacks and pure whites, the trails, explo­sions and clouds of debris are reduced to a series of simple repeated form­al ele­ments: arced lines, spher­ic­al bursts, and ran­domly dis­persed particles. i made no effort to lim­it digit­al arti­facts res­ult­ing from push­ing the image files past their con­ven­tion­al range; the res­ult­ing noise becomes hard to dis­tin­guish from the tex­ture of the fire­works them­selves.”
 — Pierre le Hors

Ed. Var­ie
208 East 7th Street
(West Store­front)
New York City, NY 10009

Janu­ary 20th to Feb­ru­ary 10th, 2011
Open­ning & Book launch on Thursday Janu­ary 20th from 6 to 9 pm