Exhibition & Launch — ›Mothball‹ by Ed Templeton

Moth­ball‹ is the new art zine by the Los Angeles based artist Ed Tem­pleton, pub­lished by Innen on the occa­sion of Templeton’s exhib­i­tion ›the cemetery of reas­on‹ at ernst museum bud­apest. The zine will be launched at the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion on Janu­ary 21st, 2011

Girl at fair Gent

Girl at fair Gent

Pro­fes­sion­al skate­boarder, graf­fiti, graph­ic and video artist, paint­er, pho­to­graph­er and sculptor, Ed Tem­pleton (b. 1972) is the most inter­est­ing artist to sur­prise Europe in recent years. Raised in a sub­urb of San Fran­cisco, he is an open, social per­son, who has healthy crit­ic­al views of Amer­ica, is a com­mit­ted veget­ari­an and a proph­et of sport and mean­ing­ful pas­times, of cre­ativ­ity. It may come as a sur­prise to some that this extraordin­ary fig­ure of con­tem­por­ary art is well known in Hun­gary, a legend whose vis­it is eagerly expec­ted by many. Then again, the key to his loc­al pop­ular­ity is not so much his art as his status of skate­board­ing pro, the graph­ics his enter­prise, Toy Machine, pre­pares for skate­boards, and his cooper­a­tion with “street style” cloth­ing com­pan­ies.

Light saber fight

Ed Templeton’s art is dif­fi­cult to cat­egor­ize. His pho­tos and aquarelles owe their suc­cess to their can­did tone, the force with which they rep­res­ent the dis­il­lu­sion­ment that char­ac­ter­izes youth the world over, and the tex­tu­al com­ment­ar­ies he adds to his pic­tures. The way his exhib­i­tions are installed goes against the cur­rently estab­lished prac­tice, mak­ing each dis­play a unique arte­fact, the impres­sions of a nov­el vis­ion. The unin­ter­rup­ted wall­pa­per of pho­tos, draw­ings and paint­ings that stretch from floor to ceil­ing make for a power­ful exper­i­ence. Wheth­er they appear in his art­works and install­a­tions or on his skate­boards and the clothes he designs, Ed Templeton’s visu­al idiom, draw­ings and texts are cer­tain to engage even the young­est audi­ences.

With The Cemetery of Reas­on, the artist talks about his own life, his fam­ily and friends, the people he meets in the city and whilst trav­el­ling as a pro­fes­sion­al skate­boarder. If the inspir­a­tion is auto­bi­o­graph­ic­al, the vast install­a­tion goes bey­ond the per­son­al, and con­cerns import­ant social and polit­ic­al issues.”
 — Thomas Car­on (Cur­at­or)

Ernst Múzeum
1065 Bud­apest, Nagy­mező u. 8.

from Janu­ary 22nd, 2011 to March 20th, 2011

Open­ing & Launch on Janu­ary 21st, 2011