Event — It’s A Fanzine–Dummy

“It’s A Fanzine–Dummy” is a fanzine presentations by Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2nd year graphic design students, presentation by publisher and printer De Dolle Hond / De Stencilkelder, production workshop by Rebecca Stephany, foreign fanzines translated and read, bookshop (zines from Amsterdam and around the world) and much more…

The Programm

Friday, January 28th

5 pm — DOORS
Fanzine presentations by 2nd year graphic design students

7 pm — LIVE ACTS
We Are The HTML, Overdoze, Surprises!!!

Saturday, January 29th

12 pm — TALKS
Talk by Lukas Simonis
Presentation by publisher and printer De Dolle Hond / De Stencilkelder

“The San Francisco Diggers” introduced by Johann Kauth
Screening introduced by Sjoerd Stolk

Participatory performance by Balthazar Berling
Production workshop by Rebecca Stephany
Foreign fanzines translated and read

Sunday, January 30th

2 pm to 7 pm — BOOK SHOP
Zines from Amsterdam and around the world
Open Xerox machine

Boerhaaveplein 28
Amsterdam, Netherlands

January 28th to 30th, 2010