Event — It’s A Fanzine – Dummy

It’s A Fan­zine – Dummy” is a fan­zine present­a­tions by Ger­rit Rietveld Academie 2nd year graph­ic design stu­dents, present­a­tion by pub­lish­er and print­er De Dolle Hond / De Sten­cilkeld­er, pro­duc­tion work­shop by Rebecca Stephany, for­eign fan­zines trans­lated and read, book­shop (zines from Ams­ter­dam and around the world) and much more…

The Pro­gramm

Fri­day, Janu­ary 28th

5 pm — DOORS
Fan­zine present­a­tions by 2nd year graph­ic design stu­dents

7 pm — LIVE ACTS
We Are The HTML, Over­doze, Sur­prises!!!

Sat­urday, Janu­ary 29th

12 pm — TALKS
Talk by Lukas Simonis
Present­a­tion by pub­lish­er and print­er De Dolle Hond / De Sten­cilkeld­er

“The San Fran­cisco Dig­gers” intro­duced by Johann Kau­th
Screen­ing intro­duced by Sjo­erd Stolk

Par­ti­cip­at­ory per­form­ance by Balthaz­ar Ber­ling
Pro­duc­tion work­shop by Rebecca Stephany
For­eign fan­zines trans­lated and read

Sunday, Janu­ary 30th

2 pm to 7 pm — BOOK SHOP
Zines from Ams­ter­dam and around the world
Open Xer­ox machine

Boer­haaveplein 28
Ams­ter­dam, Neth­er­lands

Janu­ary 28th to 30th, 2010