Exhibition — Ordered Groupings, Inheritance

Jesse Hlebo’s pro­ject “Ordered Group­ings, Inher­it­ance” will open on Feb­ru­ary 16th, 2011 at the Kyber Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts in Hal­i­fax, NS.

The value of one thing over anoth­er, the re-entrance of a com­mun­al form of com­merce, and the hege­mon­ic sub­ver­sion of pub­lish­ing are defin­ing char­ac­ter­ist­ics of small press’s. What hap­pens when these artists‹ books are placed in the con­text of an exhib­i­tion? Can they still retain their ori­gin­al social and dis­tinct­ive tactil­ity?
 — Jesse Hlebo

With pub­lic­a­tions from: 38th street pub­lish­ers · Adam Michaels & Glen Cum­mings · asdf · chris johan­son · crim­son hexagon · edi­tion mk · erik van der weijde · ifs. ltd · larrys / max­well sim­mer · kings­boro press · pwr paper · robin waart · sumi ink club · tem­por­ary ser­vices · theo simpson · Chris Johan­son · Hisham Bhar­oocha · Lili Hus­ton Herterich · Penelope Umbrico · Sumi Ink Club · travess smal­ley

Accom­pa­ny­ing the exhib­i­tion, Jesse Hlebo will be con­vers­ing about hier­archy, pub­lish­ing, and small presses at the Tur­ret Room at the Khy­ber Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts on Feb­ru­ary 18th, 2011 at 7pm

Kyber Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts
1588 Bar­ring­ton Street
Hal­i­fax, NS

Feb­ru­ary 17th to 23rd, 2011
Open­ing: Feb­ru­ary 17th from 6 to 11 pm