Open Call — Le Garage

From the 4th to the 10th of July 2011, Le Gar­age will present its second edi­tion, to be held dur­ing the Inter­na­tion­al Pho­to­graphy Fest­iv­al of Arles.

This new edi­tion of Le Gar­age will again fea­ture a cur­ated series of pho­to­graphy-based artist books, book exper­i­ments, book dum­mies, or lim­ited edi­tions show­ing a wide range of com­pel­ling con­tem­por­ary works…

So the people of Le Gar­age warmly invite all artists inter­ested in this pro­ject to take part by sub­mit­ting a body of work before May 23th, 2011.

The selec­tion pro­cess is free and is handled online, but if selec­ted you will be asked to send a prin­ted book to be dis­played at Le Gar­age, and to cov­er the costs for the return of your book.

If you would like to sub­mit your work, please do so accord­ing to the fol­low­ing guidelines:

For each pro­ject sub­mit­ted please send only one file in PDF file format. This file should be no more than 10 MB and should be titled: SURNAME_BookName.pdf.

It should include
A small intro­duct­ory text and your con­tact inform­a­tion.
Pic­tures of the actu­al phys­ic­al book object (as many images as you feel provides a com­pre­hens­ive over­view of your book – this is very import­ant).
A list of its tech­nic­al spe­cific­a­tions (format, num­ber of pages, bind­ing, print­ing tech­nique).
A copy of the entire book in pdf form (if cre­ated digit­ally – hand-designed books will be exemp­ted from this step, though please under­stand that we wish to see as much of your book as pos­sible).

Send your file to
before May 23th, 2011

If selec­ted, you will be asked to send your dummy before June 21st, 2011.