Exhibition — 44 galleries

If you’re in Ber­lin tonight you should stop by at Note On Gal­lery, where Edi­tion Taube is put­ting up a tem­por­ary book­shop to show selec­ted edi­tions, artist books and zines… among oth­ers from Friedemann Heck­el, Raphael Lin­si, Peekasso, Chris­ti­an Roth­maler, Selina Reber and Pedro Wirz as well as three new pub­lic­a­tions by Sen­er Özmen, Celia Sidler and Stefan Sulzer.

The pro­ject spe­cially con­ceived for this exhib­i­tion, ‘44 gal­ler­ies’, shows new per­spect­ives on the art mar­ket with­in an infograph­ic ana­lys­is. A team of design­ers, artists and cur­at­ors col­lec­ted mater­i­als from forty-four Ber­lin based gal­ler­ies to visu­al­ize and inter­twine pub­lic inform­a­tion, secret know­ledge, as well as expert estim­a­tions to form an aes­thet­ic approach on per­ceiv­ing this inform­a­tion.“
 — Edi­tion Taube

Note On
Koll­witz­straße 10
10405 Ber­lin

April 23rd to May 22nd, 2011
Fri­day & Sat­urday from 2 to 6 pm & by appoint­ment

Open­ing: Fri­day, April 22nd at 7 pm
Book Launch: Sat­urday, April 30th at 2pm