Open Call — I’ve Zine the Darkness

Artzines​.de invites you to par­ti­cip­ate in the exhib­i­tion I’ve Zine the Dark­ness at dieschön­estadt gal­lery in Halle. Send us your artzines until May 30th, 2011

I’ve Zine the Dark­ness is an exhib­i­tion about the artzines phe­no­men, it’s aes­thet­ic and polit­ic­al dimen­sions and the prac­tise of self-pub­lish­ing used by artists to spread their work. The exhib­i­tion will take place at the dieschön­estadt gal­lery in Halle from June 3rd to 11th, 2011 and is organ­ized by Fran­ziska Brandt & Mor­itz Grünke. Through­out the exhib­i­tion vari­ous lec­tures are planned.

We will post all sub­mis­sions on the web­site with some inform­a­tions about each zine and a link to the con­trib­ut­ors. We will also keep you up to date with pic­tures, texts, posts, etc.
After the exhib­i­tion we’ll donate all sub­mis­sions to the lib­rary of the Burg Giebichen­stein Uni­ver­sity of Arts and Design in Halle because we missed an artzine sec­tion when we stud­ied there.

Down­load the pdf-file of the open call here
You can find fur­ther inform­a­tions here

Dead­line: May 30th 2011

Send your artzines to

c/​o Brandt & Grünke
Mal­plaquet­straße 10
13347 Ber­lin · Ger­many