Launch — “U Are A Chef” at Wizard (Oslo)

Øiv­in Hor­vei invites you for the release party of his Sci-fi Cook­book “U Are A Chef” at Wiz­ard in Oslo…

U Are A Chef” was pub­lished by Land­fill Edi­tion.

Wiz­ard is a ghetto, artist run, non-com­mer­cial pro­jec­t­room, and aims at present­ing fant­ast­ic, exclus­ive and weird exhib­i­tions. Loc­ated in the stair­way above MIR, three floors, big win­dows, no heat, pigeons and ran­dom pro­jects.”

Toft­es Gate 69
0552 Oslo, Nor­way

May 27th, 2011 from 6 to 9 pm