Launch — five new books by David Horvitz

Prin­ted Mat­ter announces a recep­tion and sign­ing tonight to mark the launch of five recent pub­lic­a­tions from artist Dav­id Hor­vitz

Dur­ing the event Hor­vitz will be print­ing and bind­ing his book We Would Like to Offer you a Flower via an in-store fax machine, as well as shar­ing baked goods from his newly pub­lished My Grandma’s Recipes.

Horvitz’s work as an artist moves eas­ily between web-based prac­tice and the prin­ted page. Often begin­ning with a prompt or pro­pos­al — either for him­self or for oth­ers — the work turns mundane ges­tures into engaged acts of art with pro­found implic­a­tions. The five newly cre­ated pub­lic­a­tions include the fol­low­ing:

We Would Like to Offer you a Flower derives from an exhib­i­tion at the Rean­im­a­tion Lib­rary at DoVA Temp Gal­lery. Hor­vitz browsed through the lib­rary, gath­er­ing flower images before provid­ing them as PDFs on his web­site with instruc­tions on how to down­load, print and cir­cu­late the pho­tos to ran­dom fax num­bers. The “fax data” was then col­lec­ted and repro­duced with a map indic­at­ing where flowers have been sent. This book will be prin­ted and bound dur­ing Saturday’s event.

Pub­lic Access is an art pro­ject pro­duced by Dav­id Hor­vitz in late Decem­ber 2010. For roughly two weeks he drove the entire coast of Cali­for­nia tak­ing pic­tures of him­self look­ing out at the beach and oth­er scen­ic vant­age points, his stance recall­ing the icon­ic romantic paint­ing Wan­der­er Above the Sea of Fog by Cas­par Dav­id Friedrich from 1818 and Bas Jan Ader’s 1971 Farewell to Faraway Friends. He then uploaded these pho­to­graphs to the Wiki­pe­dia entries for the cor­res­pond­ing loc­a­tions, repla­cing exist­ent images. Graph­ic design­er Eric Nylund designed the pub­lic­a­tion, which includes a text writ­ten by Ed Steck. Pub­lic Access is 196 pages, soft­cov­er and retails for $22.00. The book is prin­ted and bound by Pub­lic­a­tion Stu­dio, Port­land.

Volume North & Volume South is a pro­ject by Hor­vitz and Zach Hou­s­ton. While driv­ing along the Cali­for­nia coast in Decem­ber 2010, Hor­vitz took pho­to­graphs of the ocean. At the mid­way point of the jour­ney, as part of the exhib­i­tion As Yet Untitled at SF Cam­er­a­work, Zach Hou­s­ton respon­ded to the coastal pho­tos by enga­ging people to inspire him in cre­at­ing poems. They then drove to the bor­der of Ore­gon, pho­to­graph­ing the sea­scape and respond­ing with poetry. The res­ult of this exped­i­tion is a two-book set. The med­it­a­tions con­sider the two-dimen­sion­al image of the ocean from mul­tiple per­spect­ives. Both volumes are 88 pages, retail for $30.00, and are prin­ted and bound by Pub­lic­a­tion Stu­dio, Berke­ley.

My Grandma’s Recipes is a col­lec­tion of 35 recipes that Dav­id Horvitz’s grand­moth­er, born in North­ern Cali­for­nia to Japan­ese Immig­rants, has gathered through­out her life. The assor­ted recipes – clipped from news­pa­pers, giv­en by friends or fam­ily, or typed & hand-writ­ten by Horvitz’s grand­moth­er — have been repro­duced on fac­sim­ile note cards and gathered in a off­set-prin­ted plaid box. My Grandma’s Recipes comes in a cus­tom-designed box, retails for $10.00, and is pub­lished by Morava Books.


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Sat­urday, June 18th 2010 from 5 to 7 pm