Open Call — Portable Book Fair

The Port­able Book Fair is an open call for inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers, artist­ic col­lect­ives, writers and the like to bring their own pub­lic­a­tions (books, fan­zines, pub­lic­a­tions, object books, car­toons, etc.) to a cer­tain pub­lic place where, all of a sud­den, a book fair will emerge…
“The idea is simple: once a place, a date, and a time is defined for a Port­able Book Fair, any­one that wants to par­ti­cip­ate can simply spread the mes­sage, con­tact people that may be inter­ested, put the inform­a­tion in their blogs, web­sites, face­book pages, etc., and come and bring their own pub­lic­a­tions for dis­play.

The Port­able Book Fair in Ber­lin is the first of its kind so why not make your way down to Tem­pel­hof and see the res­ult of this ini­ti­at­ive with your own eyes. The meet­ing point is in the Tem­pel­hofer Air­port, near the bar­be­cue area of the Columbi­adamm entrance.”
 — Altes Fin­an­zamt

Port­able Book Fair
Tem­pel­hofer Park

Sat­urday, June 25th 2011
start­ing at 1pm