Event — C/​O Berlin book days

C/​O Ber­lin invites you to the C/​O Ber­lin Book Days on July 1st and 2nd 2011 in their rooms at Orani­en­bur­ger Straße 35÷36

“Even in the digital age, the book remains an ideal medium for rep­res­ent­ing the fas­cin­a­tion of pho­to­graphy in all its rich vari­ety. Today more than ever, the selec­tion of formats, the haptic qual­it­ies of the paper, the arrange­ment of pic­tures, and the care­fully designed lay­out make these car­ri­ers of ana­log data — whether mass-​​produced volumes or indi­vidual collector’s items — objects of desire. Thanks to tech­no­lo­gical advances that have made book pro­duc­tion easier, more and more artists and cul­tural entre­pren­eurs are pub­lish­ing their own pro­jects as photo books.

Begin­ning with the suc­cess of the first Tal­ents series cata­logs, C/​O Ber­lin has been pro­du­cing its own pub­lic­a­tions to accom­pany exhib­i­tions since 2009. The C/​O Ber­lin Book Days will serve as a plat­form to present the most recent works by both long-​​established and up-​​and-​​coming pub­lish­ing houses and artists, and to thereby stim­u­late exchange and dis­cus­sion.“
 — C/​O

The C/​O Ber­lin Book Days will take place by the occa­sion of the open­ing of two exhib­i­tions, „In a Lonely Place“ by Gregory Crewd­son and „Polar­oids“ by Sybille Berge­mann. With the inaug­ur­a­tion of the Book Days event, C/​O Ber­lin is cel­eb­rat­ing its tra­di­tional sum­mer fest­ival as well as its 11th anniversary.

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Artists Johanna Diehl · Con­stant Dul­laart · Andreas Gehrke · Florian Göt­tke · Joachim Schmid · Anne Schwalbe

C/​O Ber­lin Book Days
Orani­en­bur­ger Str 3536
10117 Ber­lin (Germany)

July 1st to 2nd, 2011
July 1st from 7 to 12pm
July 2nd from Noon to 12pm