Event — Panorama N° 3

Theophile’s Papers invites you to Pan­or­ama N° 3 (June 8th to 9th 2011) at Voy­ages au bout de la nuit in St Rémy de Provence…

Theophile’s Papers is a new dis­tri­bu­tion pro­ject of vari­ous pub­lic­a­tions (books, review, papers, fan­zines, etc…).
It was foun­ded in Brus­sels, at PA/PER VIEW 2011. Pas­sion­ate and actu­al, Theophile’s Paper seek to ori­gin­al­ity, and offer a selec­tion all­ways in pro­gres­sion. A part of these edi­tions (Pan­or­ama N° 3) will be avail­able between June 8th ans June 9th at Voy­ages au bout de la nuit, a book­shop in St Rémy de Provence.“

Pan­or­ama N° 3
4 rue Carnot
13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

From June 8th to 9th 2011