Exhibition — Bookmark²

After the first edi­tion of Book­mark Zirkum­flex will presents from fri­day, July 8th to Septem­ber 8th, 2011 a new epis­ode focused on self-pub­lished posters…

Book­mark is a series of exhib­i­tions and events about pub­lish­ing and inten­ded as an eph­em­er­al book­shop wich provides the pub­lic with the oppor­tun­ity of dis­cov­er­ing selec­ted prints from artists’ and inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers’ works.
In a digit­al world, pub­lish­ing becomes a play­ground and an exper­i­ment­a­tion field for artists and design­ers. Through a series of them­at­ic­al epis­odes, Book­mark explores and ques­tions the vast art pub­lish­ing land­scape, always explor­ing new points of view and dif­fer­ent angles.

Zirkum­flex presents Book­mark², Self-pub­lished Posters, a selec­tion of about 30 posters from all around Europe prin­ted by their authors for an exclus­ive col­lab­or­a­tion. The posters will be dis­played to the pub­lic and avail­able for sale at the Zirkum­flex space in Ber­lin, from July 8 to Septem­ber 8, 2011.

Book­mark², Self-pub­lished Posters throws an unchar­ac­ter­ist­ic light on poster art, giv­ing a large review of the con­tem­por­ary and under­ground visu­al cre­ation. Book­mark² will be punc­tu­ated with events and present­a­tions of unique prin­ted items.

Book­mark² hosts – as the Bookmark’s inaug­ur­al event – lONG­ING TO BE KNOT­TED TOGETH­ER, a tem­por­ary posters exhib­i­tion by Mega, from July 8, to July 15, tour­ing all over Aus­tralia, Asia, and Europe. The exhib­i­tion is cur­rently fea­tured in some of the most pres­ti­gi­ous gal­ler­ies around Asia/​Pacific and Europe (from Singa­pore to Aus­tralia to France), for a very lim­ited edi­tion of one hun­dred ele­ments of every art­work dis­played across the world, allow­ing only ten pieces to be sold in each coun­try.

Book­mark² hosts – as second tem­por­ary exhib­i­tion – WALL OF TOMOR­ROW, from July 29 to august 5, six off­set posters real­ised & presen­ted by diego fel­lay at the Swiss Pavil­lon of Le Cor­busier.”
 — Zirkum­flex

Fea­tured Artists: Alex­one (France), Anef (France), Bio­grafiktion (Ger­many), Bon­goût (Ger­many), Bram Bram (France), Raphael Dufour (France), Giom (Switzer­land), Grems (France), Nick Gross­mann (Ger­many), Glor­ia Glitzer (Ger­many), Till Hafen­brak (Ger­many), Havec (France), I like Birds (Ger­many), La Grille (Switzer­land), Leto (Spain), Lowrider (Switzer­land), Javi­er Loz­ano (Spain), Son­soles Loz­ano (Spain), Mari­on jdan­off (France), Math­i­as Reynoird (France), Laura Merz (Fin­land), Jur­gen Maelfeyt (Bel­gi­um), Daniel Rough (France), Susann Pön­isch (Ger­many), Kustaa Sak­si (Neth­er­lands), Pau­line Schleimer (France), Pierre de Bel­gique (France), Swill Chil­dren (USA), Zeloot (Neth­er­lands), Yvo Sean (Switzer­land).

A pdf file of the pro­gram you’ll find here

Fontan­es­traße 25
12049 Ber­lin

from July 8th to Septem­ber 8th, 2011

Open­ing Party

music by Tin­gel Tan­gel with Cheers Chris & Johannes Maria Moser
July 8th 2011 from 7 pm


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