Fair — The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011

Zine’s Mate presents The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011, that will be held from July 16th to 18th 2011 in Tokyo…

The Tokyo Art Book Fair is the largest annu­al arts pub­lish­ing fair in Asia. Now in it’s third year, the fair gath­ers togeth­er arts pub­lish­ers, gal­lery presses and self pub­lish­ing artists from Japan and abroad.

Open to the pub­lic, vis­it­ors are able to buy books dir­ectly from pub­lish­ers, enjoy spe­cial exhib­i­tions, talks and events.

Vis­it­ors can expect a com­plete range of arts pub­lish­ers, from self-pub­lish­ing artists to inde­pend­ent-pub­lish­ers and estab­lished arts pub­lish­ing houses.
The 2010 fair included a hun­dred par­ti­cipants and attrac­ted more than six-thou­sand vis­it­ors.

Thought of as the pub­lish­ing industry’s nemes­is, the Net may have in fact brought about the most cre­at­ive peri­od pub­lish­ing has ever seen. Art pub­lish­ing is cur­rently enjoy­ing a renais­sance, that’s for sure. And while books might not be as neces­sary as they once were, art books cer­tainly have a new gen­er­a­tion of enthu­si­asts.

Have books become more fet­ish­able, since the arrival of a single-dimen­sion­al digit­al rival? Has the com­par­is­on reminded us of our love of the tan­gible? Does this explain the increas­ingly pro­lif­ic pro­duc­tion of publishing’s most vis­cer­al and fleshy cre­ation, the art book? Will this pas­sion of the flesh last? Will the advance of tech­no­logy win us over in the end? Do we value books dif­fer­ently now? Do they serve a dif­fer­ent pur­pose? What lies in store for the art book?

Dif­fi­cult ques­tions to answer. Thank­fully, we’re doing the ask­ing, not the answer­ing. How­ever, vis­it­ors to the The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011 will be pressed to form an opin­ion. We’ll be doing our best to inspire vis­it­ors to ima­gine the future of art pub­lish­ing while filling them with know­ledge of the past, that’s in addi­tion to sur­round­ing them with the very best and most vital work art pub­lish­ing has to offer, right now.

The theme, TIME-LINE will inform exhib­its, talks and events, includ­ing a dec­ade by dec­ade look at art publishing’s his­tory and inter­act­ive exper­i­ments that incor­por­ate recent devel­op­ments in pub­lish­ing tech­no­logy; ebooks included.“
 — Zine’s Mate

The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011
3331 ARTS CHIY­ODA 6114
Sotokanda Chiy­oda-ku, Tokyo

July 16th to 18th 2011