Launch — ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΙ · Die Stadt und ihre Kinder

Tbooks invites you to ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΙ · Die Stadt und ihre Kinder an exhib­i­tion and zine launch at hoi OFFRAUM on July 15th 2011 in Cologne…

On the Zines

ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ — “Trip­ping to Thes­saloniki the first time in 2009 was love at first sight. Since then every trip to this city always feels like com­ing home. The zine is filled with memor­ies and asso­ci­ations, cap­tured in draw­ings and pho­to­graphs made in Thes­saloniki dur­ing the last two years.”

EKLI­SAKIA — “These little churches first stroke my eyes while vis­it­ing Crete Island. Build next to the road, primar­ily raised as memori­als for people killed in acci­dents.
I was fas­cin­ated by their appear­ence and indi­vidu­al­ity. Little houses at aban­doned places, filled with very intim­ate things like reli­gious objects, pho­tos, candles and oth­er items. In Thes­saloniki I decided to shoot a series of pho­to­graphs, por­tray­ing some out­stand­ing ‘char­ac­ters’.”
— Tbooks

hoi Offraum
Lux­em­burger Strasse 251
50939 Cologne

July 16th to 23rd, 2011
Launch and Open­ing:
July 15th 2011 at 7 pm