Exhibition — naivsuper Book & PogoBooks v03

naivsu­per Books and Pogo­Books invites you to their show naivsu­per Book & Pogo­Books v03 open­ing on July 16th, 2011 at Gen­er­al Pub­lic in Ber­lin…

The group show naivsu­per Book & Pogo­Books v03 cur­ated by Stephane Leonard and Clau­dio Pfeifer, brings togeth­er ori­gin­al art works from vari­ous artists, all books and zines of the two pub­lish­ers, as well as a related film and music pro­gram. The film night will fea­ture music videos and short films by the naivsu­per Film col­lect­ive. For the fin­is­sage there will be an audio-visuell live per­form­ance by Yumiko and Bor­is Hegen­bart-Mat­sui and a con­cert by Ans­gar Wilken on Cello and Ped­als.

naivsu­per Book is one part of the col­lect­ive pub­lish­ing mad­ness of the artists Stephane Leonard and Clau­dio Pfeifer. Since 2003, the duo first star­ted to pub­lish music, and then books later. They make films, music and art, organ­ize exhib­i­tions, con­certs and hap­pen­ings. How­ever, naivsu­per is not only a plat­form for their own pub­lic­a­tions and col­lab­or­a­tions, but has also taken on the task to pub­lish, exhib­it and intro­duce work of oth­er young and tal­en­ted artists to the pub­lic.

Since 2010 Pogo­Books pub­lishes zines and small books, with an emphas­is on pho­to­graphy. The Ber­lin- based DIY pub­lish­ing house is the tan­gible rep­res­ent­a­tion of a very vital and already in the inter­net exist­ing com­munity of young artists. The first and only rule of the edit­or­i­al policy is to put the con­tent of an image first. Most import­ant are the stor­ies told by the pic­tures. Pogo­Books under­stands itself as part of a long and rich tra­di­tion of oth­er DIY pro­jects and self-pub­lish­ers. This includes offer­ing pub­lic­a­tions at low costs. In this way Pogo­Books has man­aged to pub­lish already 30 titles in less than a year.“
 — NB & PB

Gen­er­al Pub­lic
Schön­haus­er allee 167c
10435 Ber­lin

July 16th to 23rd, 2011
daily from 2 to 7 pm (except mondays)

open­ing: July 16th at 7 pm
movie night: July 20th at 8 pm
fin­is­sage: July 23rd at 7pm