Event — Comma 38: Back Catalogue

Arnaud Des­jardin invites you to Comma 38: Back Cata­logue at Bloomberg Space in Lon­don from July 29th to 30th 2011. A talk and a event will provide a plat­form for the dis­play, read­ing, exchan­ging and dis­trib­ut­ing of pub­lic­a­tions…

For Comma 38, artist and pub­lish­er Arnaud Des­jardin will exhib­it new, old, rare, and pop­u­lar books while run­ning an act­ive print­ing press in Bloomberg Space. His COMMA com­mis­sion, part of an ongo­ing pro­ject titled The Book on Books on Artists’ Books, is inten­ded to cre­ate an act­ive and par­ti­cip­at­ory review of cur­rent and his­tor­ic­al prac­tice. This exhib­i­tion is about both the dis­play of books on artists’ books and the pro­duc­tion of a book about the books dis­played. He intends to print a first edi­tion, a book of books, a crit­ic­al antho­logy and source book, in which a large range of books on artists’ books will be dis­played in a series of vit­rines.

Artists’ books have nor­mally been sold and dis­trib­uted through small net­works of book­shops and gal­ler­ies that often pro­duce lists of avail­able titles in prin­ted form. The advent of the Inter­net has meant that inform­a­tion online has changed the nature of this doc­u­ment­ary evid­ence. Desjardin’s unique and extraordin­ary com­bin­a­tion of dis­play and pro­duc­tion makes an exhib­i­tion that act­ively engages in both the mak­ing and dis­sem­in­at­ing in real time. The books them­selves become both vehicles for inform­a­tion and doc­u­ments that testi­fy for artist­ic activ­ity in its own right.”

Even­ing Dis­cus­sion, Fri­day July 29th 2011, 6 – 7.30 pm
Clive Phill­pot, Elean­or Vonne Brown and Arnaud Des­jardin will dis­cuss the past and future of Artist’s pub­lish­ing, Chaired by Sacha Crad­dock.

One Day Event, Sat­urday July 30th 2011, 11 – 5 pm
One DAY Event at Bloomberg SPACE will provide a plat­form for the dis­play, read­ing, exchan­ging and dis­trib­ut­ing of pub­lic­a­tions. The social aspect of the dis­sem­in­a­tion of artist¹s books is an often over­looked aspect of the real­ity of artists pub­lish­ing. This event will provide a set­ting where present­a­tions and exchanges can take place. A vari­ety of people; pub­lish­ers, lib­rar­i­ans, col­lect­ors, artists and cur­at­ors involved in artists pub­lish­ing will attend. A cata­logue of the pub­lic­a­tions on dis­play will be pro­duced as a memento mori of the event.

Pub­lish­ers include: The Every­day Press, Occa­sion­al Papers, Dent-De-Leone, Inform­a­tion as Mater­i­al, And Pub­lish­ing, Fraser Mug­geridge Stu­dio, Ella Finer, Sara Mack­il­lop, Tom Ben­son, Roland Brauchli, The Coel­acanth Press, X Marks the Bök­ship and oth­ers. Events include a per­form­ance by Ella Finer 12.30 pm and a book launch of ‘Faded Paper’ by Sara MacK­il­lop at 4pm.

Bloomberg Space
50 Fins­bury Square
Lon­don EC2A 1HD

July 29th to 30th 2011

The exhib­i­tion Comma38 closes on Septem­ber 18th 2011.