Event — Expozine Award 2009

On March 31, 2010 at Le Divan Orange in Montreal, the winners of the 2009 Expozine Awards were announced…These are the winners of the 2009 Alternative Press Awards:

Best Book · The Olive and the Dawn, Ian Orti, Snare Books
Anyone old enough to remember making mixed tapes will feel in these short stories the same process and motivation as that behind the almost-secret selection of songs. The hours spent melding songs in a way you hope will convey something about your soul to someone you can only hope will respond, mixed with the fear that you are utterly, utterly wrong – these are the moments recalled and retold in Ian Orti’s the olive and the dawn. Orti’s imagery and language record those soft moments, allowing for endless re-visitation of some of the bleakest and best seconds of life.

Best Zine · The life and times of butch dykes, B & D Press, Eloisa Aquino
This one kept me wanting more. I will actually go out and by this one and give it to my friends as gifts and look up the artists and listen to their music. It has everything a zine should have: a good story, a nice hand-made cover, not to mention an important subversive history lesson.

Best Comic · I’m Crazy, Adam Bourret
This graphic novel is good, original and touches on difficult subject matter such as mental illness, pedophilia, homosexuality, and issues of self-esteem. It’s a comic that closely follows the spirit of Expozine’s D.I.Y. spirit.

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