Event — Expozine Award 2009

On March 31, 2010 at Le Divan Orange in Montreal, the win­ners of the 2009 Expoz­ine Awards were announced…These are the win­ners of the 2009 Altern­at­ive Press Awards:

Best Book · The Olive and the Dawn, Ian Orti, Snare Books
Any­one old enough to remem­ber mak­ing mixed tapes will feel in these short stor­ies the same pro­cess and motiv­a­tion as that behind the almost-secret selec­tion of songs. The hours spent meld­ing songs in a way you hope will con­vey some­thing about your soul to someone you can only hope will respond, mixed with the fear that you are utterly, utterly wrong — these are the moments recalled and retold in Ian Orti’s the olive and the dawn. Orti’s imagery and lan­guage record those soft moments, allow­ing for end­less re-vis­it­a­tion of some of the bleak­est and best seconds of life.

Best Zine · The life and times of butch dykes, B & D Press, Eloisa Aquino
This one kept me want­ing more. I will actu­ally go out and by this one and give it to my friends as gifts and look up the artists and listen to their music. It has everything a zine should have: a good story, a nice hand-made cov­er, not to men­tion an import­ant sub­vers­ive his­tory les­son.

Best Com­ic · I’m Crazy, Adam Bour­ret
This graph­ic nov­el is good, ori­gin­al and touches on dif­fi­cult sub­ject mat­ter such as men­tal ill­ness, pedo­phil­ia, homo­sexu­al­ity, and issues of self-esteem. It’s a com­ic that closely fol­lows the spir­it of Expozine’s D.I.Y. spir­it.

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