Impressions — Studio cookbook lXunch

Ken (Hato Press) uploaded a few imres­sions of the Stu­dio cook­book lXunch i like to share with you and i like to recom­ment to you that you really have a closer look at his beau­ti­ful pub­lic­a­tion…

Using the Bök­ship as the set­ting for this moment­ous feast of foods, cul­tures and lit­er­at­ure we set the table and invited the guests. Along with the 12 studio’s and prac­ti­tion­ers who were invited to make a dish a whole host of book hungry Londoner’s des­cen­ded upon the Cam­bridge Heath Road shop.

The cuisines came as well trav­elled as the turnout and it’s fair to say we all tried some­thing new that day.

Of the home made bread, the for­aged for chut­neys, pastry sur­prises, charm­ing cheese delights, tra­di­tion­al recipes to con­tem­por­ary exper­i­ments, there was no short­age of fla­vour­ful foods. A huge thank you has to go to every­one that con­trib­uted and helped out with the event, all those that turned up, all those that ate, shared and Elean­or from Bök­ship for put­ting up the space. The cook­books are avail­able online and at the Bök­ship.

The social aspect and ini­tial aim of the cook­book was real­ised on sat­urday and showed that a meal, when shared can be the per­fect set­ting for the swap­ping of idea’s the form­ing of friend­ships and the birth of great new recipes.”
 — Hato Press

Con­trib­ut­ors: Patrick Lacey, Erika Wall, Jerome Rigaud, Sarah Got­tlieb, Dario Utreras, Hol­ger Jac­obs, Craig Sin­na­mon, Claire Huss, Laura Prim, Soph­ie Demay, Holly Wil­lats, Patrick Coyle, Ross Ben­nett, Liz Young, Johanna and Elin.