Event — Bookshop Days in Brussels

Beside the Brus­sels Art Days and Design Septem­ber the first Book­shop Days will take place in Brus­sels from Septem­ber 10th to 11th 2011

The week­end of the 10th & 11th Septem­ber will wit­ness the first Book­shop Days. An ini­ti­at­ive instig­ated by young booksellers,this event aims at show­cas­ing Brus­sels-based book­stores, as well as the people that keep them alive. Dur­ing two days, the Book­shop Days is giv­ing them carte blanche.

Through vari­ous encoun­ters, exhib­i­tions, and (re)discoveries, this event is an attempt at provid­ing a dif­fer­ent kind of vis­ib­il­ity to these book­stores, as well as put­ting an emphas­is on their plur­at­ity.”
 — Book­shop Days

Par­ti­cipants: Aden, Boz­ar Shop, Fili­granes, Hus­son, Mapp, Nij­in­ski, Passa Porta, Quart­i­er Lat­ins, St Hubert, Théophile’s Papers at Abi­lene Gal­lery, Trop­ismes, Wiels and more.


A map with all par­ti­cipants you’ll find here

Septem­ber 10th to 11th 2011