Open Call — Salford Zine Library

Salford Zine Lib­rary will be at Salford Art Gal­lery from Octo­ber 15th 2011 to Janu­ary 29th 2012 show­ing the archive along side some ori­gin­al art­work, film show­ings and work­shops…

Salford Zine Lib­rary was formed by Craig John Barr and Mat­thew Walkerdine in Janu­ary 2010 and aims to share cre­at­ive work in the self-pub­lished form. The archive is open to all to con­trib­ute to. There is no cur­at­or­ship and we don’t wish to be arbit­ers of taste. The lib­rary is com­pletely inclus­ive and your con­tri­bu­tion is import­ant. You can view the archive by vis­it­ing its home at Isling­ton Mill, Salford. The lib­rary also tours the UK vis­it­ing schools, uni­ver­sit­ies, pub­lic art gal­ler­ies and book fares. Salford Zine Lib­rary is non Profit and unable to pur­chase any work. The Archive works on a dona­tion only basis and is run by Illus­trat­or Craig John Barr.
 — SZL

Craig John Barr is also look­ing to show a film at the exhib­i­tion made up of short videos that con­trib­uters to the lib­rary have made of them­selves. The video will explain why you per­son­ally self pub­lish and about the zines you pro­duce. To sub­mit please email Craig your short talk­ing head videos no longer than five minutes. He will com­pile and edit these togeth­er and add cap­tions for the fin­ished film. All are wel­come to con­trib­ute to this pro­ject. So wherever you are mak­ing your zines it would be great to hear from you.

The Film is so to show in Salford (U.K) Cardiff (U.K) Phil­adelphia (U.S.A) with fur­ther show­ings to be con­firmed.

Please post your con­tri­bu­tions to:

Salford Zine Lib­rary
48 Landos Court
Gun­son St
Manchester M40 7WT