Launch — split/​fountain newspaper (section 1)

split/​fountain invites you to the news­pa­per (sec­tion 1) launch on August 25th in the rooms of S/F (as part of We Can Cre­ate)…

There are 10,000 in each bundle, all destined for one of the most inform­a­tion-starved areas on the plan­et. They will get there with the help of heli­um gas, pumped from cyl­in­ders to fill giant plastic bal­loons, the vehicles for this exer­cise in paper bom­bard­ment. Each bag of leaf­lets has its own tim­ing mech­an­ism, read­ied to burst open at dif­fer­ent inter­vals and scat­ter the inform­a­tion over a wide area.

Con­trib­ut­ors Henry Bab­bage, Emmet Byrne, James Gog­gin, Fiona Jack, Nar­row Gauge, Richard Reid, onne terre, Mylinh Trieu Nguy­en, We Should Prac­tice, Blaine West­ern, Luke Wil­lis Thompson

452 Karanga­hape Road
Auck­land 1011
New Zea­l­and

Thursday, August 25th 2011 at 5.30 pm