Launch — Drowned by Seba Kurtis

Here Press (asso­ci­ates of Pho­to­book Lon­don) invites you to the launch party for Drowned by Seba Kur­tis, the first book they pub­lished, on August 24th, 2011 at Cafe Oto in Lon­don…

Every year thou­sands of people attempt the dan­ger­ous cross­ing from Africa’s north-west coast to the Canary Islands, pur­su­ing the prom­ise of a bet­ter life in Europe. Many drown or die of expos­ure. Seba Kur­tis pho­to­graphed the stark, fenced-off coast­line that greets those who sur­vive, and threw the neg­at­ives into the sea. The images that made it ashore – bleached, worn and scarred – come to life in ‘Drowned’.

A series of flood-dam­aged pho­to­graphs res­cued from the home of Kurtis’s grand­moth­er before his fam­ily fled a fin­an­cially-ruined Argen­tina in 2001, con­nect the harsh imper­son­al pro­cesses of the sea to the deeply emo­tion­al exper­i­ence of migra­tion, with all the risks and sac­ri­fices such a jour­ney entails.”
 — Here Press

A5 24pp with map insert prin­ted on uncoated recycled paper with a hand stamped title on cov­er page, housed in a trans­par­ent heavy duty travel doc­u­ment wal­let. The first edi­tion is signed by the artist.

Seba Kur­tis will be present for book sign­ing, and a selec­tion of short films related to the book will be shown.

Seba Kur­tis (Argen­tina, 1974) grew up in Buenos Aires under a dic­tat­or­ship regime. In 2001, Argen­tina fell under eco­nom­ic­al and polit­ic­al crisis, unem­ploy­ment rock­eted, banks restric­ted access to money and chaos developed in the streets. He left for Europe and remained in Spain as an illeg­al immig­rant for over 5 years. That time became the main inspir­a­tion for his work, an explor­a­tion of the migrat­ory exper­i­ence. He now lives in the UK.

Cafe Oto
18 – 22 Ash­win Street
Lon­don E8 3DL

August 24th 2011 at 7 pm