Fair — I’ve Zine You

The inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing book­fair I’ve Zine You will take place for the fist time on August 28th to 29th in Edin­burgh…

We think that there is just not enough being done to rep­res­ent and sup­port people who are spend­ing hours cre­at­ing amaz­ing books, zines and com­ics. That is why we are host­ing I’ve Zine You an inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing book­fair where sellers and fans can come togeth­er under on roof.

We have zine makers from the length and breadth of Scot­land includ­ing Museum Press, Super­club, Heart and Lung Zine, Push­pin, GmbH, Ryan Tem­pleton and Lizzy Stew­art as well as beau­ti­ful books from fur­ther afield like Heuber­ger and Blood of the Young.”
 — I’ve Zine You


I’ve Zine You @ Book Trust
55 High Street
Edin­burgh EH1 1SR

August 28th to 29th 2011