Release — Colossal Youth

Pep­er­oni Books invites you to the release of Andreas Wein­and’s book “Colossal Youth“ tomor­row August 26th 2011 at 25books

Limbo 1990

“Melanie, Öhner, Stiffel, Limbo, Gero, Anna and her friends are young and live in Essen when Andreas Wein­and spends much time with them and takes pic­tures from 1988 to 1990.

While the first epis­ode of the “Simpsons” is broad­cas­ted in the USA, Florence Grif­fith-Joyn­er wins three Olympic gold medals in Seoul, the Ber­lin Wall falls and Tim Bern­ers-Lee invents the World Wide Web, the storm of youth rages with­in the clique, going full blast. The emo­tion­al dizzi­ness in the cos­mos of invin­cib­il­ity, love, sex, drugs, alco­hol, refus­al, crash and resig­na­tion is always great­er than the world out there.
In order to prove that, Andreas Wein­and only needs 25 images. But what kind of images. A fab­ulous series about an indes­crib­able state, which becomes deep­er and deep­er the more one views it.”
 — 25books

Julia & André 1990

Julia & André 1990


Brunnen­straße 152
10115 Ber­lin

August 26th 2011 at 7pm