Urs Lehni wins the Swiss Federal Design Award

Urs Lehni wins the Swiss Fed­er­al Design Award for his self-pub­lish­ing pro­ject Rollo Press. I love the Rollo Press pub­lic­a­tions very much and just want to say: Con­grats!!…
“In 2007, Urs Lehni acquired the equip­ment that lies at the heart of Rollo Press: an old screen print­ing press from the Japan­ese com­pany Riso. Sim­il­ar to a pho­to­copi­er, it per­mits high-speed print­ing in screen­print qual­ity. The Riso­graph GR 3770 is not only much more envir­on­ment­ally friendly than oth­er print­ers, but also more cost effect­ive. Because it is small, the Riso­graph also allows a cer­tain degree of mobil­ity, which Urs Lehni exploits to the full. Rollo Press often goes on tour to enhance exhib­i­tions by means of tem­por­ary work­shops.

Urs Lehni was one of the first in Zurich to pro­duce books and magazines inde­pend­ently. Ini­ti­ated by Urs Lehni and Ben­jamin Som­mer­halder (Nieves), the Zurich Zine Ses­sion has now been held two times. Zines are self-pub­lished bro­chures, magazines or books. They allow graph­ic artists to live out their ideas inde­pend­ently of major pub­lish­ing houses. In con­trast to estab­lished pub­lish­ing houses, small pub­lish­ers can work much more freely, with few­er com­prom­ises. Their cre­ativ­ity is not reined in by com­mer­cial con­sid­er­a­tions and each indi­vidu­al step, from ini­tial concept to dis­tri­bu­tion, is entirely in the con­trol of the indi­vidu­al artist.

Urs Lehni took his inspir­a­tion in part from Wil­li­am Mor­ris, who, in Art and Its Pro­du­cers and the Arts and Crafts of Today: Two Addresses (1901), made the case for artists and crafts­men to be mas­ters of their own work. He saw this as the only way for them to take real pleas­ure in their work and, with that, to pro­duce works of true beauty. This comes full circle when the view­er takes pleas­ure in the extraordin­ary fresh­ness of the Rollo Press pub­lic­a­tions.”
 — Anna Nieder­häuser

Foto by Nik­laus Wid­mer

Actu­ally Urs Lehni and Erik van der Weijde are work­ing on a fol­low up for This is not my Son entitled This is not my Wife. In con­trast to the first book, the sequel will be pro­duced in a lar­ger print run, employ­ing an off­set print house.

There­fore, our pro­duc­tion budget is sig­ni­fic­antly high­er than on our pre­vi­ous col­lab­or­a­tion, and we thought we might give it a try to test “crowd fund­ing” to see if we can raise the money needed that way. So if you’re inter­ested in help­ing to real­ize this book, please vis­it the page we set up at Indiegogo and donate a little some­thing.”
 — Urs Lehni & Erik van der Weijde