Open Call — Dead or alive?

You’re invited to par­ti­cip­ate in Print Cul­ture, Dead or Alive!? by send­ing a selec­tion of your self-pub­lished books and zines for a read­ing room…“Dead or alive? No oth­er branch pre­dicts its own demise as often as the book industry. Yet des­pite the apo­dict­ic ‘book-is-dead’ lament of many experts, count­less new books are again being pub­lished this year. Now, par­al­lel to the
Frank­furt Book Fair, a new event is being launched, ded­ic­ated to the print­ing of books and magazines. Self-pub­lish­ing in design and art is the top­ic of this fair, with the title ‘First Issue – Dead or Alive’.”
 — DOA

Dead or Alive!? cos­ists of a con­fer­ence pro­gram, per­form­ances, book launches, an exhib­i­tion, a read­ing room and a Books and Zines sale.

The fol­low­ing Speak­ers will appear Åbäke (Dent-De-Leone) • Marco Bales­ter­os & Sofia Gonçalves (Sam­izdat) • Char­lotte Cheetham (Manystuff) • Roland Früh (Werkp­laats Typo­grafie) • Urs Lehni (Rol­lo­press) • Kai von Rabenau (mono.kultur) • Jan Wen­zel (Spect­or Books)

If you want to con­trib­ute send an email to opencall[ät]
until Septem­ber 18th 2011.


This event is organized by Pixelgarten, Doeller-Satter, Petra Schmidt and Alexander Lis.