Launch — Rialto-Dolmio

X Marks the Bök­ship invites you to the launch of Rus­sell Walker’s Rialto-Dol­mio on Septem­ber 3rd, 2011 at their store in Lon­don…

Rialto-Dol­mio is a book of poetry by Rus­sell Walk­er, pub­lished by Savoury Days and 1994 Edi­tions: ‘I wrote these poems in 2010. It took me a short time to ini­tially write them, but quite a long time to edit them so that they made more sense, and cap­tured more of what I inten­ded when writ­ing them. The sub­ject of the poems vary: it could be said that they are mainly auto­bi­o­graph­ic­al in con­tent, although not all are in the first per­son. This is an incon­sist­ency that I could not be bothered to cor­rect. Most of the things I wrote were lost when our com­puter over­heated. Accord­ing to my broth­er-in-law, when this hap­pens there is no way of fix­ing it your­self, and it would per­haps be more effect­ive to buy a new one. I wondered if it was worth off­set­ting the cost of repair with the poten­tial of sal­va­ging some of my writ­ing, but then I though it might motiv­ate me to write more things, which may be of a high­er qual­ity.’”
 — Bök­ship

X Marks the Bök­ship
210 / Unit 3 Cam­bridge Heath Road
Lon­don E2 9N

Septem­ber 3rd 2011 from 6 to 8pm