Launch — Pulmo Marina

Dente-De-Leone invites you to the launch of Pulmo Mar­ina (by Auréli­en Fro­ment and Åbäke) on Septem­ber 10th 2011 at castillo/​corrales in Par­is…

Pulmo Mar­ina is a film and it is a pub­lic­a­tion. It is the story of a liv­ing creature that was raised for dis­play behind a win­dow in the tank of an aquar­i­um. Then it has been filmed and pro­jec­ted onto the big screen and now it is frac­tioned in dis­crete units prin­ted on paper. It is the story of a liv­ing form which is always the same, always dif­fer­ent.
It is the first book in the series In Alpha­bet­ic­al Order.”
 — Dent-De-Leone

80 rue Juli­en Lacroix
75020 Par­is

Septem­ber 10th 2011