Store — Die rote Trude

On Septem­ber 8th 2011 Die rote Trude opens in Tri­er. This is a store oper­ated by Cal­in Kruse and dis­trib­ut­ing artzines, artist books, oth­er inde­pend­ent prin­ted mat­ter, shirts, bags and much more… Die rote Trude also has a small cof­fee bar where you can have a drink while read­ing a zine or look­ing for a nice present for a friend or your­self. From time to time Trude will also organ­ize events and short­film nights.

Die rote Trude
Karl-Marx-Straße 22
54290 Tri­er

Open­ing on Septem­ber 8th 2011 at 7pm