Launch — Von Oben @ Art Copenhagen

Bad Day Publishing and Stockholm based artist Sany (Samuel Nyholm) invites you to the launch of Von Oben on September 17th 2011 at Art Copenhagen

“Von Oben (from above) is a an idiomatic expression in German that meaning to have a superior attitude to others. In the book ‘Von Oben’, those offenders are instantly and literally punished, by heavy objects falling on them from the sky. In a secular world, where our great God has gone for vacation, it remains no greater punishment than our own arrogance.
The book’s stereotypes are taken from an equally racist as sexist slap-stickworld, even though no longer aired publicly, thriving in our subconscious. Despite its coarseness, its components dwells in all of us. Perhaps even you, at some point, deserved a Steinway in the head?”
— Sany

Art Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
DK-1825 Frederiksberg C

September 17th 2011 from 2 to 5pm