Launch — Self Publish, Be Naughty

On Septem­ber 15th 2011 Self Pub­lish, Be Happy cel­eb­rates the launch of SPBN – Self Pub­lish, Be Naughty at Revolver in Oslo…

SPBN is a book about love/​sex/​desire/​lust/​intimacy cre­ated with the help of Self Pub­lish, Be Happy’s exten­ded net­work of con­trib­ut­ors. In the spir­it of SP,BH’s col­lect­ive eth­os, a call for sub­mis­sions for ‘naughty’ pic­tures was launched in March 2011. More than 5,000 pho­to­graphs from around the world were sub­mit­ted, by both estab­lished artists and young up-and-com­ing prac­ti­tion­ers.

SPBN show­cases 122 of these pho­to­graphs by 75 dif­fer­ent artists. The pho­to­graphs, presen­ted in a con­tinu­ous flux, offer a power­ful and uncom­prom­ising explor­a­tion of con­tem­por­ary approaches to the themes of sex, desires and taboos with­in pho­to­graphy. From the sur­real to the mundane, from the allus­ive to the graph­ic, the images chal­lenge the tra­di­tion of erot­ic pho­to­books and their very ghet­toised approach to desires.”

Con­trib­ut­ors: Joseph Akel, Morten Ander­sen, Brendan Baker, Corey Bartle-Sander­son, Ilya Bat­rakov, Lucas Bla­lock, Anna Bogut­skaya, Park­er Bright, Jake Brooks, Vic­tor Cobo, Mar­tina Corà, Chris­toph­er Day, Michael J. DeMeo, Bobby Doherty, Laëti­tia Don­val, Daniel Evans, Dora Fobert, Han­nah God­ley, Dana Gold­stein, Roberto Greco, Tomas Hein, Åsa Johan­nesson, Ellen Jong, Ellen Jong and Kate Ruth, Jake Kenny, Paul Knight, Paul Kooiker, Paul Kwi­atkowski, Alex­an­der Kur­maz, Col­lin LaFleche, Math­ieu Lam­bert, Ber­trand Le Plu­ard, Nicole Less­er, Car­rie Levy, Thomas Mailaender, Tommy Malekoff, Jen­nilee Marigo­men, Aaron McEl­roy, Michael Max McLeod, Leah Meltzer, Mat­thew Mili, Ania Mokrzycka, Kristie Muller, Francesco Naz­ardo, Luke Nor­man and Nik Adam, Flori­an Oellers, Sean Orena, Witek Orski, Oliv­er Pod­dar and Andrew Fer­guson, Angga Pratama, Karol Radziszewski, Pedro Ramos, Tobi­as Rose, Davi Russo, Corinna Sauer, Kir­ill Savchen­kov, Dav­id Scho­ern­er, Alex­an­der Sedel­nikov, Ben See­ley, Oliv­er Sieber, Paci­fico Sil­ano, Mar­ija Stra­jn­ic, RJ Shaugh­nessy, Mat­thew Tam­maro, Aram Tanis, Agnes Thor, Scott Tre­leaven, Soph­ie van der Perre, Erik van der Weijde, Marnix van Uum, Peter Voelk­er, Alex Wein, Har­ley Weir, Emily Yost, Irina Yulieva

Møller gt. 32
Oslo, Nor­way

Septem­ber 16th 2011 at 8.30pm