Library — Library of Independent Exchange

Yes­ter­day, Septem­ber 17th opens the Lib­rary of Inde­pend­ent Exchange (L.I.E) in Ply­mouth, UK
“The L.I.E is a Tem­por­ary Ref­er­ence Lib­rary that will present the most inter­est­ing and sig­ni­fic­ant works of con­tem­por­ary inde­pend­ent arts pub­lish­ers and artists span­ning 14 coun­tries. In the absence of any­thing of it’s kind with­in the South­w­est of Eng­land, L.I.E will provide a rare oppor­tun­ity with­in the city of Ply­mouth to encounter and explore such works.
The aims of the Lib­rary of Inde­pend­ent Exchange are to Devel­op dis­cus­sions and exchange through a series of events includ­ing work­shops, talks, and sem­inars. The lib­rary will provide a inform­al, open space which will enable vis­it­ors to explore the pro­cesses of pub­lish­ing, col­lab­or­a­tion, dis­sem­in­a­tion and high­light the wealth of resources avail­able.”
 — L.I.E
Con­trib­ut­ors: Åbäke, UK · AC Galer­ie + Occulto Magazine, Ger­many · AKV, Ger­many · Anita Di Bianco, Ger­many · Antler Press, UK · Archive of Mod­ern Con­flict, UK · Argo­books, Ger­many · Bodega, USA · Book­works Pub­lish­ing, UK · Brid­gette Ashton, UK · Cir­cuit, Switzer­land · Cor­res­pond­en­cia, Argen­tina · Cura Magazine, Italy · Ditto Press, UK · Edi­tion Patrick Frey, Switzer­land · Florence Loewy, France · Fri­ary Road House, UK · FW:, The Neth­er­lands · Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes, France · JRP Ring­i­er, Switzer­land · La Bib­lio­thèque Fant­astique, France · Loy­al, Sweden · Lub­ok Ver­lag, Ger­many · MACK books, UK · Mak­ing Do, UK · Meøus Edi­tions, UK · Michael Baers, Ger­many · Michal­is Pichler, Ger­many · Mono, UK  · More Pub­lish­ers, Bel­gi­um · Naivsu­per, Ger­many · Nero, Italy · Nieves, Switzer­land · Nom de Strip, UK · Ono­ma­topee, The Neth­er­lands · Pikto­gram, Poland · Pogo Books Verlag,Germany · Point Nev­er, Aus­traila · Rid­ing­house, UK · Seems Books, USA · The White Review, UK · Tom­maso Garner, Italy · Torpedo/​Torpedo Press, Nor­way · True True True, The Neth­er­lands · We’re All Friends Here, UK · Whatever Press, Japan · White Columns, USA · Van Zoetendaal Pub­lish­ers, The Neth­er­lands · Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Slov­e­nia
The L.I.E is dir­ec­ted by Chris­toph­er Green and Mark James.
Fur­ther inform­a­tions and event announce­ments you’ll find here.
Lib­rary of Inde­pend­ent Exchange
Cargo Mill­bay
Hobart Street
Ply­mouth PL1 3FQ, UK
Septem­ber 17th to Octo­ber 21st 2011
Wed to Sun from 10am to 4pm