Event — Communicate & Circulate

Communicate & Circulate is an exhibition dedicated to print and publishing in the independent arts opening on November 10th 2011 at Good Press in Glasgow… On show and for sale are a collection of zines, posters and original works made newly available from self-publishers and small press producers from around the world.

Featuring works from: Booklet Press (JAP), Bongoût (GER), Cafe Royal (UK), Catalogue Library (UK), Club Muscles (CAN), Crummy House (USA), Dead Trees and Dye (UK), Duke Press (UK), Bartolome Sanson (FRA), Lachllan Rattray (UK), Malcy Duff (UK), Mike Perry (USA), Museums Press (UK), Nieves (CH), N.S.E.W (NOR), Smalltime Books (AUS), Superclub (UK), Tropical Waste (UK), Theo Simpson / Various Points (UK), Victor & Hester (UK)

Good Press at Mono
12 Kings Court
Glasgow G1 5RB

November 10th to December 11th 2011