Store — Théophile’s Papers @ Artisan Social Designer

Tomor­row, Novem­ber 11th 2011 Théophile’s Papers opens a per­man­ent book shop at Artis­an Social Design­er in Par­is…

Artis­an Social Design­er is a concept store ded­ic­ated exclus­ively to con­tem­por­ary craft prac­tices. Loc­ated in the 3rd arron­disse­ment of Par­is, Artis­an Social Design­er is formed as an obser­vat­ory for out­stand­ing con­tem­por­ary art, pub­lish­ing, fash­ion and design.

Foun­ded in March 2011 Théophile’s Papers is a dis­trib­ut­or ded­ic­ated to artzines and artists’ books based at Abi­lene Gal­lery in Brusseles. Théophile’s Papers also organ­izes server­al “Pan­or­ama” shows. These were events at the bor­der between pop-up book stores and exhib­i­tions.

Artis­an Social Design­er
68, rue des Gravil­li­ers
75003 Par­is

Open­ing on Novem­ber 11th from 6 to 10pm