Event — Copy/​Copy

On Novem­ber 25th 2011 you are invited to par­ti­cip­ate in the launch of Album, Magazin für Foto­grafie Issue #2 and the first Copy­Shop anniversary at BLOT­ABLOTA Gal­lery and Book­store in Mainz…

In the midst of the ever sprawl­ing jungle of pho­to­graph­ies and self-pub­lished books Copy­Shop and Album magazine cel­eb­rate the lev­ity of repro­du­cing, recom­bin­ing, pla­gi­ar­iz­ing, imit­at­ing, emu­lat­ing – copy­ing again and again. Album and Copy­Shop cor­di­ally invite you to take part and par­ti­cip­ate if it comes to cre­at­ing some­thing new out of the same.
Togeth­er we will try to exhaust the lim­its of author­ship and selfpub­lish­ing with our provided pho­to­copi­er. Sampling mater­i­al sup­plied by you and us will be the source, out of which we will tap a whole wall of indi­vidu­al cop­ies. These cop­ies, then will be the raw mater­i­al, from which we will com­pile three book­lets, being seri­ally pro­duced with the pho­to­copi­er.
Become part of this event, cre­at­ing our first joint ‘Copy/​Copy’ pub­lic­a­tion and cel­eb­rate the double one year birth­day of Album and Copy­Shop with drinks and music.

Also find the edit­ors of Album giv­ing a speech about their recent issue and its theme: ‘Same/​Same’: How new and unseen can pic­tures still be today? Which artist­ic pos­sib­il­it­ies lie in the doub­ling of motifs? Which con­cepts play with repe­ti­tion and recog­ni­tion?“
 — Album & Copy­Shop

Album, Magazin für Foto­grafie

Put togeth­er and cur­ated by pho­to­graph­ers, Album is a mir­ror, a field for exper­i­ments, a plat­form for young and emer­ging artists in con­tem­por­ary pho­to­graphy. A magazine fun­da­ment­ally ded­ic­ated to pho­to­graphy in all its diverse aspects: Pho­to­graphy in the form of images as well as in texts, in the sense of a verbal inter­pret­a­tion.
Once every six months we take a spon­tan­eous but ser­i­ous look at new approaches and per­spect­ives towards pho­to­graphy. Double pages with 80×57cm on news­print repro­duce the images almost as big as their actu­al exhib­i­tion size. The aim is to cre­ate net­works for artist and art-his­tor­i­ans, who are will­ing to shape and fur­ther devel­op this pro­ject along with us.


Copy­Shop is an open inter­act­ive plat­form: it opens tem­por­ary at dif­fer­ent places, with dif­fer­ent themes and is free to use. Copy­Shop is a non-com­mer­cial pro­ject.

Input / Out­put
The Copy­Shop is inter­ested in vari­ous aspects of copy­ing: Repro­duc­tion, pub­lish­ing, the aes­thet­ics and the abstract concept of copy­ing, to name a few. The core of the shop is a black and white pho­to­copi­er, a reli­able office machine and it needs to be, as the copi­er is both: In- and Out­put. Input as every copy that is made with the copi­er is done at least twice, one goes to the cus­tom­er and one to our archive. And out­put, because dur­ing or at the end of every Copy­Shop event a selec­tion of cop­ies is presen­ted and pub­lished in vari­ous forms. One is our blog that con­tains everything around our pro­ject. Apart from smal­ler pub­lic­a­tions we accom­plished a lim­ited 300 pages book, which con­tains all the pro­jects, our bespoke typeface and the pub­lic­a­tions about the Copy­Shop.

BLOT­ABLOTA – Gal­lery & Book­store
Kais­er-Wil­helm-Ring 78
55118 Mainz

Novem­ber 25th, 2011 at 6pm