Event — 2HB: What we make with words

Until Decem­ber 17th 2011 CCA will ded­ic­ate its major spaces to 2HB: What we make with words a two-week pro­gramme pro­fil­ing con­tem­por­ary art writ­ing and journ­al pub­lish­ing in Glas­gow…

The pro­gramme con­sists of fol­low­ing ele­ments:

What we make with words: Exhib­i­tion 
From Thursday, Decem­ber 1st to 17 from 11am to 6pm

The selec­ted artists all con­trib­uted to Volumes 111 of 2HB. How­ever, by chan­ging the focus from ‘writ­ing’ to ‘mak­ing’ with­in their prac­tice, the work in the gal­lery spaces will raise the ques­tion: how is writ­ing a motor with­in con­tem­por­ary art prac­tice? Artists exhib­it­ing are: Sue Brind and Jim Har­old, Ruth Buchanan, Alex Impey, Paul Elli­man, Kath­ryn Elkin, Han­nah Ellul, Kate Mor­rell, Char­lotte Prodger, Thom Walk­er and Rebecca Wil­cox.

What we make with words: Glas­gow Journ­als Launch Event
Sat­urday, Decem­ber 17th at 5pm

Each new volume of these Glas­gow-based journ­als has been launched at events cre­ated to explore edit­or­i­al and artist­ic con­cerns. By syn­chron­ising the launches of the forth­com­ing volumes of 2HB, Dance­hall, Gnom­mero, Marbled Reams, Uncle Chop Chop and Vic­tor & Hester, dur­ing an even­ing of per­form­ance, video, music, lec­tures and install­a­tion, we will show how the recur­rent voice of the journ­al cre­ates and con­nects diverse audi­ences and prac­ti­tion­ers, rais­ing the ques­tion: what kind of cul­tur­al motor is inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing in Glas­gow?

What we make with words: Book Fair 

Sat­urday, Decem­ber 17th from 12 to 5pm

In dis­cus­sion with the Glas­gow journ­als, CCA has invited UK and inter­na­tion­al pub­lish­ers to join us in explor­ing the issues and enthu­si­asms cur­rent with­in art writ­ing and pub­lish­ing, provid­ing a con­text in which to view sim­il­ar activ­ity in Glas­gow. Exhib­it­ors will include Book­works (Lon­don), Casco (Utrecht), Motto Dis­tri­bu­tion (Ber­lin), Tor­pedo (Oslo), Pist Protta (Copen­ha­gen), Trans­mis­sion (Glas­gow), Abake (London/​France), Auto­mat­ic Books (Italy), Mousse (Italy), Mono Paper (Lon­don), VER­SUCH (Lon­don), Ditto Press (Lon­don) and East­side Pro­jects (Birm­ing­ham).


350 Sauchiehall Street
Glas­gow G2 3JD

Decem­ber 1st to 17th 2011