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On December 10th 2011 Tennis Club Bookshop is going to open at OT301 in Amsterdam…

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Tennis Club Bookshop supports and stocks publications from around the world that are: handmade, self published, hard to get or just quite exceptional. Tennis Club Bookshop is run by Australian photographer and filmmaker Jack Pam and will have a strong photo-media focus. The bookshop will be open every Saturday from 2pm until 8pm. Presentations, lectures and informal meetings are also part of the concept.

“The purpose of this project is to bring various publications to Amsterdam that are left out of the normal and conventional distribution streams and combine them with well known titles. Despite the enormous popularity of zines and self publicated books Amsterdam has hardly a place to look through and buy them. Tennis Club Bookshop a non-profit and independent organisation often deals with artists and small publishers directly. This process brings together a large range of interesting and obscure titles from across the globe without bias or prejudice.”

The following is a small selection of publishers and artists that are currently stocked: Pierre Von Kleist Editions (Portugal) – Rainoff Books (Australia) – Pogo Books (Germany) – Poison Arms Publications (UK) – Hamburger Eyes (USA) – Café Royal Books (UK) – Kaugummi Books (France) – Innen Zines (Hungary)– ½ Zines (Netherlands) – Lay Flat (USA) – Hassla Projects (USA) – Broken Dimanche Press (Gerrmany) – Without Sun (Norway)


Tennis Club Bookshop @ OT 301
301 Overtoom (First Floor)
1054 HW Amsterdam

Every Saturday from 2pm to 8pm