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On Decem­ber 10th 2011 Ten­nis Club Book­shop is going to open at OT301 in Ams­ter­dam…

© Ten­nis Club Book­shop

Ten­nis Club Book­shop sup­ports and stocks pub­lic­a­tions from around the world that are: hand­made, self pub­lished, hard to get or just quite excep­tion­al. Ten­nis Club Book­shop is run by Aus­trali­an pho­to­graph­er and film­maker Jack Pam and will have a strong photo-media focus. The book­shop will be open every Sat­urday from 2pm until 8pm. Present­a­tions, lec­tures and inform­al meet­ings are also part of the concept.

The pur­pose of this pro­ject is to bring vari­ous pub­lic­a­tions to Ams­ter­dam that are left out of the nor­mal and con­ven­tion­al dis­tri­bu­tion streams and com­bine them with well known titles. Des­pite the enorm­ous pop­ular­ity of zines and self pub­lic­ated books Ams­ter­dam has hardly a place to look through and buy them. Ten­nis Club Book­shop a non-profit and inde­pend­ent organ­isa­tion often deals with artists and small pub­lish­ers dir­ectly. This pro­cess brings togeth­er a large range of inter­est­ing and obscure titles from across the globe without bias or pre­ju­dice.”
 — TBC

The fol­low­ing is a small selec­tion of pub­lish­ers and artists that are cur­rently stocked: Pierre Von Kleist Edi­tions (Por­tugal) – Rain­off Books (Aus­tralia) – Pogo Books (Ger­many) – Pois­on Arms Pub­lic­a­tions (UK) – Ham­burger Eyes (USA) – Café Roy­al Books (UK) – Kaugummi Books (France) – Innen Zines (Hun­gary)– ½ Zines (Neth­er­lands) – Lay Flat (USA) – Hassla Pro­jects (USA) — Broken Dimanche Press (Ger­rmany) – Without Sun (Nor­way)


Ten­nis Club Book­shop @ OT 301
301 Over­toom (First Floor)
1054 HW Ams­ter­dam

Every Sat­urday from 2pm to 8pm