Launch — ONO by Natasha Caruana

Here Press invites you to the launch of Nata­sha Caruana’s ‘ONO’ on Feb­ru­ary 10th 2012 at Han­bury Hall in Lon­don…

Nata­sha Caru­ana posed as a bride-to-be and con­tac­ted women selling their wed­ding dresses online. She asked for high-res cop­ies of their pho­to­graphs: images made to val­id­ate a cere­mony and recycled as small ads. The anti­thes­is of the trophy wed­ding album, ONO focuses on the dis­carded props of the fairytale pro­duc­tion and finds unin­ten­ded mean­ing in care­fully staged images.

With their faces obscured for pri­vacy, bride, groom and entour­age become masked per­formers act­ing out emblem­at­ic scenes. Their per­son­al stor­ies and reas­ons for sale are left to the ima­gin­a­tion.”
 — Here Press

Han­bury Hall
22a Han­bury Street
Spit­al­fields, Lon­don E1 6QR

Fri­day, Feb­ru­ary 10th 2012 at 6:30pm