Launch — Two Thousand Light Years from Home

On Janu­ary 20th 2012 Kodoji Press launches “Two Thou­sand Light Years from Home” by Pietro Mat­ti­oli and invites you to join them at Dien­st­ge­bäude in Zurich…

Two Thou­sand Light Years from Home reveals con­cealed traces of a city. At first sight the pho­to­graphs taken by Pietro Mat­ti­oli show cryptic ver­tic­al struc­tures and intric­ate pat­terns, deploy­ing their own beauty by being reduced to their com­plex forms, sur­faces and col­ors. A closer look exposes famil­i­ar objects like trees, fences, masts, lat­tices so as stairs or walls.

Mat­ti­oli focused on those ordin­ary objects while strolling like a flan­eur through his neigh­bor­hood – dur­ing three sea­sons, at night, while his child was asleep, as far as the radi­us of the baby phone allowed him to go. He scru­tin­ized this clearly defined area with a flash­light, that isol­ated the hid­den objects from the black of the night. The res­ult is ulti­mately ali­en­at­ing and takes the famil­i­ar even more far away from the com­mon, not to say two thou­sand light years from home.

By doc­u­ment­ing his noc­turn­al excur­sions, Mat­ti­oli cre­ated a typo­logy of the every­day, that focused on these well-known details, nobody really spends time to look closer at. Two Thou­sand Light Years from Home offers this oppor­tun­ity, although a steady gaze is needed. As the book itself as an object intens­i­fies the ali­en­a­tion by unpro­cessed pages, that try to divert a quiet look. Two Thou­sand Light Years from Home presents a selec­tion out of a series of 80 pho­to­graphs.”
 — Kodoji Press

Töp­fer­strasse 26
CH-8045 Zurich

Janu­ary 20th 2012 from 6 to 9pm