Exhibition — In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists since 1955

Sem­ina 4, 1959, Scott Street — San Fran­cisco

The Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts (ICA) invites you to the exhib­i­tion In Num­bers: Seri­al Pub­lic­a­tions by Artists since 1955 open­ing Janu­ary 25th 2012 at ICA, Lon­don…

In Num­bers: Seri­al Pub­lic­a­tions by Artists Since 1955 is a sur­vey exhib­i­tion of the often-over­looked genre of seri­al pub­lic­a­tions pro­duced by artists around the world from 1955 to the present day. From the rise of the small press in the 1960s, fol­lowed by the cor­res­pond­ence art move­ment, where artists exchanged art by post, to the DIY zine cul­ture in the 1980s and early 1990s, pro­fes­sion­al artists have always seized on the format of magazines and post­cards as a site for a new kind of art pro­duc­tion.

In Num­bers is the first sur­vey to define a neg­lected art­form that is neither artists’ book nor eph­em­era, but is entirely its own unique object. The pub­lic­a­tions are by young artists oper­at­ing at the peri­pher­ies of main­stream art cul­tures and estab­lished artists look­ing for an altern­at­ive to the mar­ket­place. The pub­lic­a­tions are art­works, often idio­syn­crat­ic and pro­duced in col­lab­or­a­tion, and they do not fea­ture news items, cri­ti­cism, or repro­duc­tions of art­works.

The diversity of the pub­lic­a­tions is reflec­ted in the back­grounds of the pro­du­cing artists and in the wide range of tech­niques, nation­al­it­ies and media; the sur­vey does not attempt to be exhaust­ive, but simply to define the genre’s con­tours and identi­fy cer­tain them­at­ic threads.

In Num­bers was pre­vi­ously shown at X‑Initiative in New York, an exper­i­ment­al and tem­por­ary non-profit arts ini­ti­at­ive that ran from March 2009 to Feb­ru­ary 2010. The exhib­i­tion is accom­pan­ied by the pub­lic­a­tion In Num­bers: Seri­al Pub­lic­a­tions by Artists Since 1955, edited by Philip Aarons and Andrew Roth (New York: PPP Edi­tions, 2010). The book doc­u­ments the his­tory of over 60 pub­lic­a­tions and includes essays and inter­views by experts, among them Vic­tor Brand, Clive Phill­pot, Nancy Prin­ceth­al and Wil­li­am S Wilson.“
 — ICA

To accom­pany In Num­bers: Seri­al Pub­lic­a­tions by Artists Since 1955 the ICA will pub­lish new artists‹ edi­tions by AA Bron­son.

Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts (ICA)
The Mall
Lon­don, SW1Y 5AH

Janu­ary 25th to March 25th 2012