Launch — Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs

You are wel­come to join the book launch and per­form­ance read­ing of Uh Duh by Sarah Jac­obs, pub­lished by Lem­on­Mel­on and VeryS­mallKit­chen, on Janu­ary 25th at X Marks the Bök­ship

The con­ver­sa­tion between a poet and an artist at their first meet­ing was recor­ded. An extract from the tran­scrip­tion is presen­ted:
›So how would you where would you how would you describe what you what you do?‹”
 — Lem­on­Mel­on

This poet and artist are a slip­pery pair. The gaps left by their absent pres­ence are clearly vis­ible on the page as a space for the read­er to inter­act with the text. The par­tic­u­lar­ity of their laughter dis­turbs me…ha, ha, ha…heh, heh, heh. Like Dav­id Bowie’s laugh­ing gnome I can’t quite catch them yet at the same time get left ima­gin­ing a scary encounter over lunch in which the pair squirt cavi­ar and honey at one anoth­er in a Paul McCarthyesque car­ni­val of filth, whilst their trans­par­ent words col­lide in mid-air, smash into one anoth­er and leave us quite spent. Writ­ing this tough is a car crash.”
– Dr. Simon Mor­ris

X Marks the Bök­ship
210/​Unit 3 Cam­bridge Heath Road
Lon­don E2 9NQ

Janu­ary 25th 2012 from 7 to 9pm